Real Problem: Body Issues Not Yoga Pants!

Real Problem: Body Issues Not Yoga Pants!

The real problem is not yoga pants! What are we teaching our children about body issues?

So there is an epidemic about yoga pants. Apparently it is too distracting to young teenage boys. Boys who can be distracted by just about everything anyway. Thank you puberty! Since yoga pants are banned in schools the boys will be able to study more right? Not so sure. As studying in middle and high school is a separate issue, yoga pants are not the cause of it. Here is just one article that I have found on the subject. There are many more.

Clothes do not define a person. They should enhance a person’s personality.

Now I am not a fan of yoga pants besides yoga studios, gyms, or laying around on your own couch. To me, yoga pants shouldn’t be the issue that is addressed. How about we address the issue that girls do not have to try to look sexy to get a boys attention and boys should be more respectful of girls.

This is not a rant to say that boys are disrespectful and need to be disciplined. I am a mother of a boy. With the world being so sexual I think it is important to teach respect and positive self image.

Raging hormones are a large part of this issue. Boys and girls, in teen years, are trying to figure out their bodies. Teenagers are trying to be noticed by the opposite sex and trying to fit in with their own groups. But in today’s world where there is body shaming, eating disorders, drug addictions, bullying and suicide are yoga pants really news breaking issues? We should be teaching our children to be proud of their bodies. Teaching them that there are clothes that are suitable to them and leave a little something to the imagination ( KK!). We are in a largely sexual world. Kids think that is the way life is.

As parents, you are the role model. They do watch everything that you do even though they tell you they don’t like you today. If you dress, without any regard to your appearance, so will your children. Both girls and boys are influenced. Show them that life is not what is trendy right now. Show them that the world is always revolving and changing. What is trendy right now won’t be soon. Help them know they are who they are for a reason and they make the world more interesting.

Clothes do not define a person. They should enhance a person’s personality. As a society we need to stop picking mundane, ridiculous things to argue about and address the real issues. Here is another article on keeping body image positive.

We will survive!


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