How-To “Comment”, “Favorite” and “Share”

How-To Comment on WIRLs at WIRL Project*Comment

1. Login at WIRL Project (you must have a profile to comment)

2. Find a WIRL you’d like to comment on, scroll down to the bottom of the WIRL, insert comment (Be sure to follow WIRL Code)

3. Click “Post Comment”

How-To “Favorite” WIRLs*Favorite 

1. Be sure you are logged in and find/view the WIRL you want to “Favorite” (“Favoriting” is similar to bookmarking posts you like)

2. Under the Title, date and social sharing buttons you will see the “Favorite” option with a star

3. When you “Favorite” a WIRL, it shows up on your member profile under “Favorites”

How-To “Share” WIRLs to other Social Media OutletsScreen Shot 2015-02-05 at 7.04.36 PM

1. View/Find the WIRL you want to “share” (you do not need to be a registered member to “share”)

2. Just below the title and date you will see the social sharing buttons

3. Click the Outlet you’d like to share on and proceed

(*) signifies that you must be a registered member of WIRL Project to use this feature.