How Does WIRL Project Work?

WIRL Project works in 3 ways:

1) Search: Everyone can easily search our WIRL Project database to find real stories and information about a wide variety of real-life categories. From parenting to painting, job searching to soul searching, rock climbing to starting a business, we house the best information about What It’s Really Like.

2) Contribute: To contribute on WIRL Project, it works like this:

1) Ask to join or receive an invitation to join

2) Receive a unique “Invitation code” to create a member profile

3) Go! WIRL away!

3) Connect: WIRL Project offers a community of like-minded individuals to connect with at an honest level. Sometimes, we need more than just information and WIRL Project can connect you with individuals who “get” what it’s really like because they’ve also been there.


WIRL Project will become your new favorite hang out spot and search tool!