And The Winner Is…

WIRL Project Eben Stack Cayisa

A few weeks ago, we challenged our WIRL Project members to share their skin insecurities for a good cause, to raise awareness and funding for Psoriasis. We had several entries and were thrilled to see our members confessing their stories.

As promised, we are GIVING AWAY the Eben Stack of bracelets, from Cayisa, for contributing to our initiative.


Want to know who the winner is? Well…


We Entered All The Participants Into a Random Name Picker

 My Skin Won't Stop Me Giveaway WIRL Project


And Clicked “Pick a Random Name”

And The Winner Is….



My Skin Won't Stop Me Giveaway WIRL Project

Congratulations Kassidy (@kassidyeverard)!!
You’ve won the Eben Stack from Caysia which is valued at over $100!!!


Contact WIRL Project via Facebook to give us your information and claim your prize.
You must contact us by May 8, 2015.

Thank you to all who entered! Stay tuned for our next giveaway!!!
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