My Skin Won’t Stop Me Movement at WIRL Project

My Skin Won’t Stop Me Movement at WIRL Project


I am so thrilled to announce our My Skin Won’t Stop Me Movement at WIRL Project!!

We’ve collaborated with Caysia, an all natural jewelry company, and WIRL Project member, Eben, to come up with this awesome story-sharing initiative to support Psoriasis research!

To be involved, click to visit our My Skin Won’t Stop Me page to learn all the details, but here is a rundown:

The Challenge: It may not be Psoriasis, it may be Acne, wrinkles, Eczema, a scar, or even the color of your skin; the point is, we all have something. 

We are challenging you to share your skin insecurities and tell us why your skin won’t stop you!

1. Agree to the challenge and “Contribute a WIRL” with the tag “My Skin Won’t Stop Me”. WIRL Project will donate $1 for every WIRL contributed towards this My Skin Won’t Stop Me movement!

2. Once published, share your WIRL on social media and encourage others to become a member of WIRL Project and get involved.

3. Support our cause by purchasing a bracelet, called “Eben”, to raise awareness and by doing so, Caysia will donate some of the proceeds to Psoriasis research!

It’s so easy to do, so please take the time to join WIRL Project and share your story. Nobody’s story is too big or too small, too elaborate or too boring; as long as you’re being real, we want to hear what it’s really like for you.

Thank you for supporting our cause and I can’t wait to read your WIRLs and empower, educate, and inspire through story sharing!


*Oh, and don’t forget to use the promo code: EBEN when purchasing your “Eben” Psoriasis bracelet from Caysia; the link is listed below!


I’ve also included a video (below) to explain and guide you through the My Skin Won’t Stop Me movement.

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