Mother’s Day WIRL Challenge Giveaway

WIRL Project Mom Moment

We ALL Have One… An Embarrassing “Mom” Moment!

Does the time your mom embarrassed you as a kid STILL haunt you? Or, on the flip side, are you a mom who did something that made you feel downright mortified? If so, WIRL Project wants to hear from you! Share these stories with us to qualify for our Mother’s Day WIRL Challenge Giveaway and to inspire empower educate … give us a good laugh!

At WIRL Project, we don’t want to get all sappy and lovey dovey on Mother’s Day… WE WANT TO GET REAL! We want to talk about our Most Embarrassing Mom Moment Memories for a chance to win a $100 Telaflora gift card just in time for Mother’s Day!

Entering Is SO EASY:WIRL Project Mom Moment

  1. Login or Request to Join WIRL Project  and Contribute a WIRL with the tag “Mom Moment” (5 Entires to Giveaway)
    You can also contribute your story by using the comment box below (1 Entry to Giveaway)
  2. “Share” your WIRL on Facebook and encourage other’s to contribute their embarrassing “Mom Moments” (10 Extra Entries!)



This Mother’s Day WIRL Challenge ends on Sunday, May 3rd at 11:59 EST and the winner will be announced on Monday, May 4th at WIRL Project.

We can’t wait to laugh about read your “Mom Moment” WIRLs. Good luck!!


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