Breast Augmentation: What It’s Really Like. Part 3: Post Op

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I’m back! Here is my 10 day journey after having a breast augmentation…

Day 1: The day of the surgery was surprisingly simple. The staff was relaxed, the vibe was excited, and the sun was even shining into the pre-op room! As I waited in my surgery gown and the IV was hooked up, I was oblivious to the roller coaster ride ahead of me.  My doctor came in to the room, I met the anesthesiologist, kissed my husband good-bye….and I was off to surgery!

As I woke up (from what seemed like just moments later) I was alert and asking for my family. I was told that the surgery went great and that I was going to be heading home shortly. I was surprised by my pain level, it was intense! I had an unrealistic idea of this quick and easy outpatient procedure. It was anything but easy! Although it was outpatient, I felt as if I had experienced pretty intensive trauma to my chest! Ouch!

Day 2-4: The first few days home were filled with high dosages of percosets, ice packs, minimal movement, and naps! I had to sleep on the couch propped up to avoid increased swelling and pain. What the hell did I sign up for?!? I chose to feel like absolute crap?!? It hurt to move, was difficult to take deep breathes, and worst of all I couldn’t hold my daughter! Ahhhh. I was feeling emotional and exhausted. I was almost regretting the surgery.

Day 5: I was feeling increasingly better. I was able to complete basic tasks, shower without discomfort, make dinner, do the dishes etc. The results were looking great! My breasts were full, proportional, and just as I had hoped.

Day 7: It was time to remove my stitches! Yay! I was nearly back to my old self. I was healing well! I had mild bruising, but that was to be expected. The implants are sitting high and are hard as rocks…yikes. I’m praying these puppies start to feel and look more natural.

Day 10: I am feeling great! My swelling is minimal, my body and energy is almost back to 100% and I slept on my side last night! (It’s the little things haha). I’m beginning to massage them and do stretches to help the implants to settle (move into a more natural location). I opted for the 385cc and they look very natural on my frame. It is a drastic improvement from what I had, but I feel as if they would go unnoticed by a stranger. I am becoming incredibly excited to go buy new swim suits/bras/new tops (and throw away the old padded bras, lol).

I believe that the choice to have a breast augmentation was the right decision for me. I feel womanly, curvatious and my body no longer looks like the aftermath of baring a child. Although, I still have a few months before I will know my end results, I am on the right track!

Thank you for joining me throughout my journey of a breast augmentation :)



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