10 Things People Do Not Know About Having Twins

10 Things People Do Not Know About Twins | WIRL Project

This “10 Things People Do Not Know About Twins” list came from two parents of newborn twins and this is their take of what it’s REALLY like. Check it out…

  1. It takes a village (parenting twins with two parents is near impossible)
  2. Non-Identical twins are two separate humans born at the same time
  3. Identical twins have to at least be the same sex (you would be surprised how many people ask us this)
  4. You cannot safely hold and console two crying babies. What is one to do?
  5. Leaving your newborn twins with your spouse for 24 hours is like a sentence to hell for them. See above.
  6. Singleton parents have no idea, logistically everything is different
  7. Singleton breastfeeding plans DO NOT APPLY, do what works for your sanity
  8. Feeding, burping, changing twins alone is a lesson in fortitude and misdirection 
  9. Sleep… Forget about it – 
  10. In the beginning someone is always crying, them or us


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About the Author…

This WIRL was contributed by Tim and Katherine Lewis, parents of newborn twins.  

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