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10 Things People Do Not Know About Having Twins

This “10 Things People Do Not Know About Twins” list came from two parents of newborn twins and this is their take of what it’s REALLY like. Check it out… It takes a village (parenting twins with two parents is near impossible) Non-Identical twins are two separate humans born at the same time Identical twins have to at least be the same sex (you would be surprised how many ...

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What It’s Really Like to Have an Identical Twin – and Finding out at Age 33!

Ok yes, I knew I was a twin my whole life, but for the first 33 years, we were told we were fraternal.   First question EVERYBODY asks when I mention that I have a twin sister is – Are you identical or fraternal? My response was always that we are fraternal, but look VERY similar! We were always told that my mother had fraternal twin girls because we each had our own sac in utero. Every frat...

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