Unsubscribing from Emails – Quick and Easy!

We all know how it works, you’re looking online for something and want more information and so you fill out a form on a website and all of a sudden you’re receiving a daily email from them. Or maybe a friend shares a post on Facebook and they need two more people to fill out a form so they can win something, so you, being the nice friend that you are, sign up to help them out.

Then all of a sudden you’re like me and wake up to 20+ new emails every morning and have to filter through them to get to the emails that are really of importance to you.


So, when a fellow Thirty-One Director shared a new website that she found called Unroll.Me  I knew I had to test it out. (Click the graphic below!)


When you submit your email address and password (no worries, it’s secure!) Unroll.Me will scan your emails to find out which websites you are subscribed to receive emails from. It shares with you how many email subscriptions you have, what they are, and allows you to select which subscriptions you’d like to unsubscribe to with one simple click of a mouse. It’s really THAT EASY! I had 63 email subscriptions – 63!!! Don’t ask, I have NO idea how I got that many!

I used Unroll.Me about two weeks ago and have noticed a significant decrease in unwanted emails in my inbox. Whoo Hoo!!!


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Website: http://simplify2day.com/2014/11/19/unsubscribing-from-emails-quick-and-easy/

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I am the mother to the most hilarious 14 year old I’ve ever met, wife to one hot HOT (Husband Of Thirty-One), and a crazy bag lady… or if you want to be formal about it, I am an Independent Director with Thirty-One. Whoo Hooo!

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    This is so cool! Thank you @heather :)

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