What is WIRL Code?

WIRL Code is the “Code of Ethics” at WIRL Project which clearly defines expected and acceptable behaviors to establish a framework of our website and to promote high standards of practice. WIRL Project wants their valued members to post as often as they’d like about any topic they chose to create an incredible database of honest, genuine content for all to read. In order to maintain a respectful environment, there must be accountability for contributions and actions. WIRL Code is taken very seriously and urges members to ask questions if they are unsure about contribution types or content.

Violations of this WIRL Code will be taken very seriously and may result in removal from our site with or without notice.

WIRL Code: 

  1. Contributions to WIRL Project can only come from genuine registered members of the website
  2. Members must share a common goal to share, enlighten, empower, educate and inspire themselves or others
  3. Users and members value genuine, true stories and agree that Honesty ≠ Weakness
  4. Language must be appropriate for public viewing and relevant to the subject matter

- Medical stories, terminology and images must coincide with post content, category or keyword

- Medical, Health, Fitness or any other type of advice found on WIRL Project has not been reviewed by physicians or any other heath care professionals; use this information at your own risk

  1. Be nice, respectful and open-minded; many of our members are pouring their heart and soul into their contributions. We seek real stories and real people at our site; not real jerks.
  2. Comment with kind, supportive, educational, informative and helpful words; inappropriate or hate language will not be tolerated.
  3. When contributing WIRLs, give credit to any original source that inspired or enlightened you – plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  4. We understand that not all WIRLs will be positive, but all rants and complaints should be free of bullying, personal attacks and/or foul or inappropriate language. WIRL Project administration has the right to remove any posts, comments and/or members at their discretion.
  5. Product reviews, tutorials and testimonials are welcomed, but pushy sales pitches and advertisements are not! Feel free to share before and after stories, images and videos, but do so in a way that fit’s the rest of WIRL Code. WIRL Project is not the place to for sales, marketing, advertisements, false claims, etc.. Members who spam, consistently push, solicit, or advertise are subject to removal with or without notice.
  6. If you see inappropriate content, report it immediately to ReportInappropriate@WIRL.com including a direct link to that specific post.


You cannot WIRL about:

  • Pornographic or non-medically related sexual information that promotes adult sexual acts or services
  • Anything that exploits or presents minors in a sexual or inappropriate way
  • Anything that may cause or have already caused risk or harm to physical property, individuals, public figures, organizations, etc. on a public or private level
  • Promotes or approves of abuse, bullying, harm, mental or physical disorders or drug abuse to oneself or others
  • Attacks, bullies or harasses specific individuals
  • Hate comments or language that is aimed towards specific groups or individual(s)
  • Fraudulent/deceptive information or experiences or using another person’s identity for any reason
  • Any information or content that’s illegal
  • WIRLs containing advertisements, spam, images, text or videos to solely promote a brand or product. Product and promotional types of contributions should be entirely based on a member’s personal experience and/or thoughts, not a sales pitch.


At WIRL Project, if we all keep each other accountable and respect each other, the possibilities are endless.