Toddler Meal Schedule

Creating a meal schedule for your child can be a difficult task. I often felt I left the doctor’s office with little answers. Like all mothers, I wanted Hadley to enjoy a variety of foods. When she first began solids, I did make her food and supplement with packets when needed. Around 8 months, she started to grow tired of my food and I did rely heavily on the puree pouches and other store bought food. After her nine month appointment, her doctor gave her the green the light on pretty much all foods. From then on, I became more confident in having her expand her palette. Here is a typical food schedule for Hadley.


7:00 AM – Rise and shine! Hadley has a full sippy cup of milk


8:00 AM – Breakfast usually includes scrambles eggs with cheese, toast with cream cheese, and some blueberries and strawberries to start her day. She also has water with all her meals.


10:30 AM – For a mid morning snack, Hadley munches on peanut butter and bananas.


1:00 PM – Lunch is one of Hadley’s favorite meals. Yogurt, string cheese and some diced mangos always fill her up.


3:00 PM – Hadley drinks a sippy cup full of milk and some grapes or goldfish.


5:00 PM – For dinner, I like to include a protein, veggie and carb. One of her favorites for dinner is rotisserie chicken, guacamole (avocado mixed with lime juice) and cheesy quinoa.


7:00 PM – Hadley ends her day with a sippy cup full of milk and some bedtime stories!

When dealing with food, I always felt like I was feeding Hadley the same items. I like to switch things up a bit so she does not grow tired of certain foods. Here are a few options in case you are in a toddler food rut…






Bagels with cream cheese or peanut butter





Diced strawberries


Black beans

String Cheese




Diced mangos


Lunch Meals:

Peanut Butter sandwich

Chicken and Cheese quesadilla

Grilled Cheese


Guacamole (We mash up one avocado and squeeze lime juice on it!)



Dinner Meals:

Spinach Lasagna Rolls

Rotisserie Chicken

Pulled Pork


Chicken pot pies

Pasta Salad with fresh veggies

Baked rigatoni

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