Toddler Proofing Your Dining Room Carpet

Toddler Proofing Your Dining Room Carpet

We recently moved and inherited a dining room with white/cream colored carpeting.  This immediately became a concern with a toddler living in the house.  Our two-year-old son refuses to sit at a smaller sized table and chairs in the kitchen and demands to sit at the big table with the grown ups.

Originally we were placing old beach towels underneath his chair and end of the table.  This seemed to work well temporarily, but after a while the towels would become loaded with crumbs or camouflage old dried food and inevitably become nasty.  We also discovered that it was not practical to change out the towels every other day because it was such a hassle.  Plus on top of all of that, the beach towels were not exactly the interior decorating statement we wanted to make in our new home.

Thus, the solution for protecting your eating area carpet from the messy lovable little man or lady in your life:

photo 2

This is a computer desk chair mat designed to protect your carpet from heavy rolling furniture.  I came up with the idea to lay this 3 x 4′ mat under our son’s end of the table and place his grown up chair on top of it.  Non-dried food is a breeze to wipe away with a sponge or wet paper towel.  Crumbs are easily swept up using your household vacuum.  Best of all, it blends in with its surroundings and is not an eyesore in your formal dining area.  You can pick one up at a nearby office supply store or on Amazon.  Basic mats this size run from $30-40.

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