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Reality – What It’s Really Like

Reality – What It’s Really Like

This post is part of a series titled, “A-B-Cs – What It’s Really Like”. Each week a new letter and its word will be revealed. Each word’s explanation will illustrate significant personal meaning, application and ultimately demonstrate, What It’s Really Like… Back in 1998 MTV debuted the reality TV s... Read More »

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The Best and Worst of Three Prenatal Workouts

Pregnant, avoiding the gym at all costs, and trying to decide which at-home workouts will give you the most bang for your prenatal buck? Well, look no further: I’m sharing with you my three favorite at-home pregnancy workout videos – and I’m going to tell you the best and worst of them both. I’ll answer your burning questions, such as: Which instructor will make you want to punch her because of th... Read More »

Fight Attendant | WIRL Project

What It’s Really Like to Be a Flight Attendant

Being a flight attendant comes with some major perks: For one, you get to travel the world. But the job isn’t without its own challenges, too. Those of us in more grounded offices get to go home everyday; if your office has wings, though, you might be away from your home on nights you’d rather be in your own bed. So what wins out: Homesickness, or love of travel? Turns out that’s just one of the q... Read More »

Missing Today

Sometimes I feel like I am so busy looking ahead at my calendar and thinking about the future events and planning ahead that I miss today. Life feels rushed and overwhelming when I think about all the things I have to do like: eating healthy, workout, go to work, clean the house, run errands, get the laundry out of the dryer and then actually fold it etc… I am constantly hitting the ground r... Read More »

Whine Time Wine Time

Whine Time = Wine Time

You probably shouldn’t be reading this if you are against drinking or think that drinking a glass of wine around kids is bad parenting. By the way, if you do happen to feel this way, I highly disagree with you and think you probably need a glass of wine yourself.  And, if you don’t even have kids but have an opinion about this, then you won’t even be heard, because you have NO id... Read More »

Gender Equality

Gender Equality

Who doesn’t have something to say about gender? Whether it’s equality, gender roles, or even sexuality – it seems to be a buzzing topic these days. Nessa, from MTV’s Girl Code dishes her thoughts and stance. Do you agree? How do you feel about this issue? Comment below to share your thoughts, or better yet, WIRL about it! Read More »

Don’t Believe the Lies: “Fixer Upper’s” Joanna Gaines Get’s Real

Don’t Believe the Lies: “Fixer Upper’s” Joanna Gaines Get’s Real

  Joanna Gaines has found her way into the hearts of many HGTV lovers. She’s beautiful, her family is down to earth, her husband is a goofball, and she does Ah-mazing transformations to homes on her show “Fixer Upper“. Naturally, we wanted to know more about Joanna and found this great clip of her breaking it down and telling her story. Spoiler Alert! You’ll get gooseb... Read More »

Angel Bumps | WIRL Project

Angel Bumps

I met my guardian angels over ten years ago. It seems so trite to say it was a time in my life when I was running on empty. Hell, if I was a car, the gas tank would have rusted out completely. There’d have been a huge hole in the bottom that leaked gas as I pumped it in. They were my lost years. I really had nothing left to give…to anyone. My oldest of five, has emotional disabilities. Next in lin... Read More »

Weight Loss & Nutrition Email

Weight Loss & Nutrition Email

I’ve recently, in the past year, done a 180 with my weight. I get emails all the time and wanted to share an example of the advice I give to a typical person in need of some help! Going from 170-120 lbs took two years and it could have taken a lot less time if I focused more on my nutrition!! Oh, and feel free to take advantage of the coupon code at the bottom of this post for Express Your H... Read More »