My Skin Won’t Stop Me

My Skin Won't Stop Me


Skin color is only skin deep; it won’t stop me from being successful.

At WIRL Project, we do our best to deliver the most genuine, real stories out there, letting everyone know what life is “really” like. Our members do an incredible job at contributing and sharing these life stories with us on a daily basis and we are so thankful for that! Every once in a while, we find something online that we think everyone should see; that’s what we did with this video clip (below).

Ironically, this video is actually called My Skin Won’t Stop Me and Ayriel shares her story of how she was judged by her skin color, but is not going to let it stop her from perusing her dreams. It’s exactly in line with what we’re trying to do here at WIRL Project and we really hope you find it empowering and inspirational.

Please take a few moments and view this story below. Thank you, Ayriel, for being so brave and letting us into your life. Your story will resonate with many people and inspire them to keep going as well.


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