Obamacare At It’s Finest…A Child With Special Needs Most Prove His Citizenship to Keep Coverage!

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What would you do if your child with special needs was told that their coverage would end if you didn’t immediately prove that they were a citizen of the United States? Let’s paint a more accurate picture… If you received a letter from the government saying that you (who was born and raised in the US) and your husband (who was also born and raised in the US) had to prove that your son, who “…spent more than four months in the neonatal intensive care unit and was diagnosed with a brain bleed, hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy” had to prove his citizenship or your family would lose insurance coverage, wouldn’t you assume this was bogus and that it was some kind of scam? I mean seriously, why would anyone need to prove their citizenship when there would be no logical reason it would ever be in question in the first place? We’ll, that’s exactly what happened to a dear friend of mine, Lindsay Franks, who is the founder of an incredible non-profit organization that I’m a part of called Pierce’s Project, and her family. Lindsay started this Pierce’s Project after her son, Pierce was born at just 23 weeks gestation and weighed only 1 pound 8 ounces. She and her team are doing incredible things for the families of micro-preemies in the Charlotte, NC area and hoping to shed light on this issue that her and her family encountered.

Melissa Quinn wrote a compelling article to explain the whole story and I would really suggest you read this and take action by sharing and commenting on this story to let everyone know that this CAN happen and how RIDICULOUS it is! This family has been though so much in the past four years and Pierce is the sweetest boy around…they (or anybody for that matter) do not deserve this added stress. Obamacare is supposed to be helping the people of the United States…isn’t it?
The article and complete story can be found at the link below.

Read the fully story by Melissa Quinn here.

Image source: DailySignal.com  

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Website: http://dailysignal.com/2015/05/06/this-family-struggled-to-secure-health-insurance-under-obamacare-for-their-4-year-old-son/

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