My Skin Won’t Stop Me

My Skin Won’t Stop Me


My Psoriasis is only skin deep. My skin won’t stop me because…

  1. It’s just skin and it’s only surface deep.
  2. I am beautiful, even with my pink/white spots.
  3. My daughter looks up to me and I need to be a strong role model for her and teach her that it’s inner beauty that counts.


Here’s my story:

Just prior to my first Psoriasis outbreak, I was at a peak in my life. I was a happy, healthy mom who was eating clean, fit, confident, and in love with the skin I was in. In fact, I even participated in my first bodybuilding competition and was getting a lot of attention for my success and accomplishments!

Eben Bumps 3

The early stages of my first outbreak

Then, Psoriasis hit me hard and took away my confidence and drive to keep going. Unfortunately, bodybuilding is all based on how you look and Psoriasis didn’t seem to care. I  gave up; I let my skin stop me. I used the internet and social media to reach out to others, hoping that someone would be able to offer me some help or advice, because I felt so alone.

To read the rest of my story, click here!

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