Breast Augmentation Surgery: What It’s Really Like. Part 1: Initial Thoughts

I believe it started with the phrase “Itty Bitty Titty Committee”, that’s the phrase that was what was mumbled to me in early high school. I realized I was not destined for a curvaceous womanly body; I was just a normal girl, with a normal body, and small breasts. I came to terms with my small chest. I knew which Victoria’s Secret bras would give me the ultimate effect of cleavage. I also knew that if I tightened the straps enough, I could create the illusion of mildly full breasts. On special occasions I would even insert those chicken cutlet things to fill out a special dress! (Crazy I know). 

But, I was used to it. It worked for me. I came to the realization that this was my body, and I was happy with it. 

And then my first child was born! My seemingly “Itty Bitty Titties” were full and perky! I felt womanly. My heart was bursting with love while my chest was bursting with cleavage. Oh the joys of nursing ;) 

Here I am, a year later and my full breasts are no where to be seen! What happened?!? Come backkkkk!  And who is this saggy, uneven, not-so-hot mess I see in the mirror! Is that what my new appearance is? Will I forever be the mom destined to wear a tankini!?

It was time for drastic measures! I decided it was the time to consider fixing this unfortunate symptom of motherhood.  I researched and researched! I then made the decision to consider a breast augmentation. 

But what can I expect? How do I know if this is the right decision for me? 

It’s the morning of my consultation. The questions I have include the typical surgical ones including: size, silicone vs saline, position, incision site, healing time, complications, etc.. 

But the more anxiety provoking questions are the ones hanging over my head. Will I still feel like “me”? Will I have a safe surgery? Is the risk verses the reward worth it? Will my husband look at me the same way? 

I am sure all of these worries are normal and part of making an important life changing decision. But, here we go! Today may be the first step towards finding a solution to my oh-so-unimpressive breasts. 

Stay tuned for the post-consult decision. 

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