What is WIRL Project?

What is WIRL Project?

WIRL Project is an edgy blogging and microblogging platform where real people confess and share life and what it’s really like (WIRL).

What does “WIRL” mean?

WIRL is simple; it’s “What It’s Really Like.” It’s a movement that represents honest, genuine, truthful, thoughts, and experiences about life and how we live it. You WIRL when you have something to say, confess, or share and you’re willing to be brutally honest about it.

Why WIRL Project?

Where can you share your real-life stories and experiences?
Until now, you’ve had to ask to be featured on someone’s blog, TV show or write in to a magazine or newspaper. The idea of having to ask to be “featured” in some publication or production just to be able to tell your story is silly. Why can’t we document and share life on our own terms? Now, with WIRL Project we can!

Isn’t what you have to say a little more significant than a “status update?”
Sure you can use social media, but most of the time, what you have to say is more important than a few characters or one single image. At WIRL Project, we love stories, thoughts, comments, and information that are short, long, funny, embarrassing, uplifting or inspiring! By sharing this information, you are giving yourself, and your story, a voice while connecting with and helping others. If you’re going through it, chances are someone else is (or has) too, which is why we encourage everyone to share what it’s really like. We all need a place to share our thoughts and experiences to embrace, joke, and talk about real life – and that is what WIRL Project is for.

You’re an expert at so many things!
We are all good at something, in fact, most of us are great at many things! Just because you don’t have bunch of credentials or letters behind your name doesn’t mean you’re not an expert at crocheting, surviving cancer, being a parent, or climbing the corporate ladder. At WIRL Project, we think that if you’ve been through it, you’re the expert! And with WIRL Project, you can share the great information you know so that you can help, educate and empower others!!

We all “hang out” online, why not hang with genuine, honest people?
Do you waste time scrolling through feeds? Do phony people make you want to scream? The best stuff is usually real, true and genuine, right? When you laugh at a video, it’s because it’s something you can relate to. When you read a touching story, it reminds you of your own experiences and when you see a beautiful picture of your relatives, it reminds you how much you miss them. These real, genuine feelings are EXACTLY why you should use WIRL Project.