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I’m sure that many others will blog about the amazingness that was Blog U 2015 this past weekend. Blog U was a great conference which packed about a month of information into 48 hours. I got excellent information which will improve TND, help us expand our reach, AND help us chart the next step beyond. I highly recommend it for any blogger looking to up their game. But I’m not going to talk about any of that.

What I Learned from Blog U

Rather, I’m going to talk about what Blog U taught me about myself:

1) I’m not only too old to stay in a dorm, but also too old to eat in a cafeteria. My stomach just can’t handle dining hall food any more. My eyes won’t even allow me to put most of it on my plate. Especially not “vegan meat.” Of course, I did still manage to eat the cupcakes.

2) I’m too socially anxious to play well with others. (Ok, I already knew this). Networking events for me were like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube blindfolded while suffering from malaria. After the first few minutes I began fantasizing that the room would suddenly be seized by militants, which would certainly decrease my anxiety levels.

The dining room felt like Middle School all over again. If I didn’t see an open seat at a table populated mainly by the 6 or 7 folks I “know,” I made a beeline for a small table off to the side where no one would notice the losers (as Momus was my ever companion) eating alone. Worst of all, I skipped the headline “Middle School Dance” entirely in order to avoid my deep-seated costume trauma and the possibility that I would have no one to talk to.

I am of course regretting all of the above now. There were so many amazing people that I failed to meet, and so many missed connections. I’m now determined to either A) never go to another conference again as long as I live, or B) finally get that treatment for social phobia that I’ve been avoiding my whole life. Let’s be honest: probably A – and that’s only because C) never leave the fucking house again is likely implausible.

3) I have Nervdar – the ability to spot another anxious soul at as much as 80 yards away. These kindred souls (you know who you are) provided me an oasis, as I was able to approach them almost like a genuine member of the human race.

4) I still have no idea what I want to do when I grow up. I went from session to session creating different lives for myself. One session convinced me that I wanted to move from blogging into journalism, the next that I would be a really kick-ass copywriter, and yet another that I really should be writing a book. I went to dinner Saturday evening with my head spinning as I tried to figure out what path I want to move down with my writing. I have a feeling that this is going to take more than a little time to figure out. At least I know that Idon’t want to be a data analyst. Oops.

5) I want to be Jen Mann. That is all.

6) I will never master Pinterest. I just don’t have the time or graphical savvy to do what it takes to make me Pinterest Perfect.  I guess I’ll just have to settle for Pinterest Passable.


These are my personal lessons learned. I can guarantee that everyone who went to this event has her own set of lessons. I can also just about guarantee that none of them are as pathetic as mine.


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