I Just Keep Telling Myself It’s Only Hair… But…

Sooooo, I tried to make an appointment with my stylist to have my hair shaped and high/low lighted the other day, only to find out she’s left the salon. I was set up with another stylist for Friday. I went in early to explain all of the issues that I have with my hair to her.. the semi-bald spots where I finally have regrowth and I am growing my hair out; that I do not want the highlights too light ~ I prefer that it look natural and I like a full head of highlights; the fact that I’m allergic to many products & break out in hives so she/I’m limited in product choices; that my hair is very fine, thin and has multiple cowlicks plus it will not hold a curl without strong hair spray; that I am not handy with styling tools at all and only use hot rollers; etc.

The stylist said she understood and remarked that I had very few grey hairs and agreed that high/low lights would be the correct choice and went off to read the notes that should have been on my account.. of course there were none. She was very thorough with choosing the low light color so I assumed we were on the same page. I could not have been more wrong.

She stopped foiling my hair at mid head.. I asked why she had stopped to which she replied “Oh, you wanted a full head?”, grabbed more foils and continued to wrap my entire head. That should have been my first clue. I must say, that she is very personable, funny and chatty. I really haven’t met anyone since we moved here over a year ago, so it was nice to have a conversation with someone besides my husband, my doctors and our veterinarian and I ignored the red flag.

After several minutes she checked one of my foils and said it would just be another minute before I was done. And then she was paged.. And it all went south from here.

She took the call, it was obvious that it was personal and should not be being held where others could over hear. It also went on for a well over 10 minutes, during this time everyone in the salon learned far more about her personal life than we needed to know and my hair was over processing! I asked the stylist in the station next to mine if she would check my hair.. it was beyond done. She approached my stylist and told her she needed to get off the phone and my hair was needing to be rinsed out. My stylist continued her phone conversation for another few minutes before returning to address my hair. She attempted to explain her personal call to me and since I didn’t want to embarrass her I said that I really hadn’t heard anything and we proceeded to the shampoo bowl. She continued to talk about her money/credit/car issues and I tried to change the subject as we walked back to her station. I grabbed my iPhone and showed her some photos of myself to make sure she knew that was the look I was going for. What I wanted and what I got are worlds apart!!

There are no mirrors in the shampoo room so you can imagine my surprise when I sat down in her chair to see the highlights are actually bleached out completely stripes! She asked if she was cutting/styling my hair.. hello.. I have a 3 hour appointment booked.. that alone should have answered her question before it was asked. I can’t tell you how many times my hair was caught in her round brush & yanked as she blew it dry and continued to perseverate over her phone call. Then she asked how much she should TRIM off. To which I answered, you’re supposed to be cutting and styling my hair.. that I am going out on Saturday with a couple I have never met and want to look good. Never once did I ask for a layered straight hair style.. but the next thing I know she has cut layers into my extremely fine, thin hair!! She never even touched my bangs.. they’re still hanging in my eyes.. and the root line is still extremely visible from my last trip to the salon. She asked if I wanted to rebook and I said I would get back to her. All the while I’m thinking that I need to get out of there, go home and fix my hair. To make matters worse, she presents me with a bill that is $60 more than I paid my old stylist for a good haircut & color!!

I barely made it home before my hubby.. so I started dinner instead of going up to try to fix the mess on my head. The only thing hubby said was “You’re hair sure is straight, I thought you were getting your hair done today?”  That spoke volumes.

This morning  tried to style my hair so it looks half way decent.. to no avail. She cut a freaking shag into my hair!!!  I am beyond upset, I don’t want to go out tonight, and I am furious that I actually paid to have my hair ruined. After several attempts to style this mess I called the salon. I explained that while I don’t want to cause trouble for her, my hair looks horrible and I am beside myself. I should not have to “pay, both literally and figuratively, for her being upset over a personal call that should never have interrupted my appointment.

The salon manager has scheduled me in for a color correction and new hair cut next week. They’re more than likely going to have to cut my hair considerably shorter in order to get rid of the flip and heaven only knows what they can do to fix the color. It has taken me 2 years to get my hair to shoulder length and she ruined it in one afternoon.  I know it’s only hair.. and it will grow back but….



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    It’s SO HARD to find new stylists when you move!!! Not necessarily because they don’t do hair well (except for in your case @auntdeb), but mainly because it takes so long for someone to learn your personality and style to give you a haircut that suits you best. Sorry for your luck…I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think – we are our own worst critics, right?!

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  2. Profile photo of Stacy Parks

    Totally can relate…since living in AZ I think I have had about 6 (or more) stylists. Found one that was great & she quit doing hair. Finally think I have found a keeper..keeping my fingers crossed that she doesn’t quit!

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    I can totally relate to a bad hair situation! It is always worse when you HAVE to look good to make a good first impression & from the second you walk into the salon, NOTHING goes right! ):

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