My, How Times…And Traveling Attire Have Changed!

My, How Times…And Traveling Attire Have Changed!

Back in the 80’s, when I took my first flight, airline travel was a BIG deal. You dressed for the trip, not to impress anyone but because it was big deal. I even remember what I wore… a beautiful cream colored cotton cardigan, white blouse, khaki dress slacks and pearls. Hubby wore dress slacks and a polo shirt… typical semi-casual clothing for him. Believe it or not, most of the people on that flight were dressed similarly to us.. we fit right in.

Over the years travel attire has changed dramatically… very few people dress up to travel now days. Not that I’m judging… heck, I don’t go overboard myself… I tend to wear something comfortable and preferably wrinkle resistant.  Which brings me to my story.

I like to people watch… it makes the time spent in the airport go quickly… and occasionally I get fashion ideas, both do’s and don’ts.  On one particular occasion I was treated to a definite Fashion Don’t ~ “what not to wear”  outfit.

We arrived early for  our flight home from Punta Cana last October. There was a very large woman with a baby in a stroller, all decked out in black spandex & bright jewelry sitting directly across from us, waiting for the flight to board. When the airline called for the special needs/people traveling with children group she stood up ~ forgetting to pull down her extremely short skirt ~ and exposed her barley there thong covered hoo-ha to the entire airport!

She stood talking to her traveling companions for quite a while before someone finally told her to pull her skirt down. I was laughing so hard inside I almost burst and my hubby’s face was as red as a beet LMBO!

We will be going on vacation soon and I am looking forward to people watching once again.. hopefully, this time I will be treated to a Fashion Do  :)

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    @auntdeb – I wish flying was more like the way it used to be. It’s so darn expensive to do most of time time…we should dress for the occasion!

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