Bedtime is the best time

Bedtime is the best time

Bed time is the best time…and get your mind out of the gutters people!! I’m not referring to what I’m SURE a lot of you are thinking about. I’m talking about that quiet time with your family, in my case…my husband and our 2 year old daughter. Every single evening is pretty simple and some may say ‘boring’ at our house. We eat dinner, hang out, play with toys or puzzles, dance, play soccer (yes, in our living room ), play dress up, play ‘kitchen’, watch movies, and numerous other really fun activities.

When I say that bed time is the best time, you’re probably thinking “because it’s when the kids go to bed…DUH!!” And don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some nights where that IS the case, but not most nights. Most nights we have our usual routine (which I think young kids desperately need); we head upstairs, brush our teeth, change into pajamas, and this…is what is my favorite part, we spend quality time. Now, I do work part time, but I’m mostly a stay-at-home-mom, so we have all day together right?!? Right. But most of our days are spent running errands, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning, doing laundry, and anyone with a toddler knows… it’s BUSY!! With that being said, the nights come and it’s time to relax.

Once we are all settled we go into her bedroom and say our prayers. She is actually getting to the point where she mimics exactly what I do!! We say an easy little prayer, we pray for those who are sick, or sad, or who are lost and confused. We thank God for all of our blessings. Ailyn will climb into bed and then we do the usual pointing out of all of mommy’s facial features and saying what each one is. We sing a song and she “talks” to me. (She is only 2 years old but that girl has got A LOT to say!) She only says so many words right now, but I listen. I want her to know that no matter what, or no matter how busy we can be, that this is her time with me. I tell her how much her dad and I love her and even though she has a lot to say, she does a pretty good job listening too!

This is a time where I leave the ‘busyness’ of life downstairs, where I’m not checking Facebook or Instagram, or paying bills, or making a grocery list. I’m being with my kid, which sadly I think people don’t do enough of. Life and work can and do make people busy, but kids are only little once, so take time to stop and smell the flowers, enjoy them while they’re young!

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My name is Ashley, and I am a wife to Greg, mother to a 2 year old daughter Ailyn, and pet lover/owner to Geno and Keirra. I am a mostly stay-at-home-mom, but I do still work on occasion as a vet tech.

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