Pantry Order

Pantry Order

If you are like me (someone who loves food, especially snacks) you probably have a lot of mess going on in your pantry.  Mine has always looked like a tornado ran through it.  It’s just pure unorganized chaos in there every time the door is opened.

My husband and I have always tried to keep it neat.  We tried organizing it in categories:  pasta, soups and mixes on one shelf, cereal, granola bars, on another, etc.  We tried the stadium seating route:  big boxes in the back, smaller items in front of it and so on so we could see every item in there.  Much to our dismay nothing worked.  Either the pantry was a disaster again after a few days, or you were always moving things out of the way or reaching over things to find what you wanted anyway.  We needed a way to see everything at once without spending $1000 to have a professional closet organizer installed.

After years of breaking jars trying to reach others and throwing away several expired, unopened bottles/cans and other items we forgot about (mainly because we couldn’t see them in there), we finally have found a solution!  For $11.50 on Amazon, we purchased an over-the-door shoe organizer to hang in the pantry.  We put all of our granola bars, bags of tea, as well as other individually wrapped products and snacks in each of the clear pockets.  Aside from the fact that is more aesthetically pleasing, it’s also fun!  It kinda feels like we have our very own vending machine sometimes.  Our toddler even loves to choose which snack she wants from it!

With everything on display hanging from the door, it has left us with plenty of clutter-free room on the shelves for the bigger items.  We no longer need to reach over objects (potentially breaking them) or move lots of things out of the way (making it less organized once again) to get to what we want.  This has surely been a lifesaver in our home!

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  1. Profile photo of Aly Marques

    This was such a huge help for us!!!

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  2. Profile photo of Sara Brennan

    I know! I absolutely died when I saw this – it’s so simple yet soooo effective!!

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  3. Profile photo of Amy G.

    This looks so neat! What a great idea!!

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