9 Going on 16….What It’s REALLY Like!

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My sweet, sweet little girl….yea right!!! Her teachers and other moms always tell me what a sweet girl she is. I just laugh. I laugh, but want to cry. She isn’t like that with me!! What the hell? It is like she is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. One minute, she is sweet and nice to me (usually when she wants something), then when she realizes she isn’t going to get what she wants, she starts whining and her voice gets high pitch and I have no idea what the hell she is saying. Whatever that sound she makes, it hurts my ears and I just wish she would just go away. Disappear until she returns back to normal. I wish I had some magic powder to sprinkle on her to make her act normal and not so dramatic all the time. “But WHYYYY can’t  I go, mom?? WHYYYY?  I just HAAVE to go!” All of her words have to be drawn out and SO dramatic.

The arguing, fighting, screaming, whining, and snotty attitude is draining!! I know you moms out there with girls feel the same way. I did it to my mom (payback is a bitch) and I am sure my daughter’s daughter will do it to her.

It is like she has something against me. I know! It is because I am her MOM. I don’t have to do anything, except talk or breathe and she thinks I am wrong.  I am the one who carried you for 9 damn months and went through labor! I am the one that was up with you all those long nights when you were teething. Who do you come to when you are sick or hurt? YOUR MOM.

I love how I try and give her advice about friendships or about anything and she continues to tell me how I don’t know what I am talking about. Really, girl?? I don’t know what I am talking about?? You are 9!! You have no idea, NO idea!!

But, hey! If I want to know the truth about how I really look, she won’t hold back. She has NO problem telling me when I look fat, old, pale, or when my hair needs to be done.

Let’s talk about mornings…. Trying to get her ready for school every single morning, is a struggle. I just LOVE starting my day off by arguing with my 9 year old over what she wants to eat for breakfast or what shoes she wants to wear that day. I just LOVE it…..NOT!! I think she secretly loves to make my life hard. I really think she loves to push my buttons. I have to say, she is brave, really brave, doing that before my coffee in the morning.

I don’t dare take her around that Justice store anymore! I get a headache in that damn place. Glitter, glitter, sparkles, short shorts, crop tops. Sorry, my 9 year old shouldn’t blind people with her clothes. Plus, the quality of those clothes are horrible.

And EVERYTHING is MY fault. Anything bad that happens to her — is MY fault. She blames ME for when SHE trips on her own shoes in the hallway. “Why didn’t you tell me to pick these up? It is your fault I tripped over them” “Why didn’t you get me up earlier to get ready for school? It is YOUR fault I am late.” MY fault, MY fault…It is ALL my freaking fault! Little BRAT — I tell ya!

I think a demon lives inside her. But, it ONLY comes out when she is really tired or really hungry. Her voice gets really low and her eyes get this evil look. Right away, I know to grab food and make her eat it right away! “Calm the demon, calm the demon!”

Basically, I am just screwed. Anything I say or do won’t ever be good enough for my daughter. She will always compare me to other moms and always argue with me. I just have to accept it and wait. Wait until the day she experiences her own life and after she has her own kids. Then, she will realize what I had to go through. And, payback is a bitch! :)






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