Your First Poop as a Mommy – What It’s Really Like

Your First Poop as a Mommy – What It’s Really Like

Yes, you read the title correctly…today I am talking about mom poop! As a new parent, you know what to look for in your infant’s poop (texture, color, when it should come, etc.), you may even cheer when they do their first one, but nobody EVER talks about what its like for the new mama to pass her first poop after birth! So, here is a short little post about what it’s like. Don’t worry, I don’t get into too much detail and this may be TMI (too much information) for some, but I just had to share…so read on, you know you want to.

Alright, so you just shoved a 5-10 pound baby out your you-know-what, so why on Earth would you worry about your first poop? It’s nothing in comparison to the accomplishment you just achieved, right? Wrong! All I have to say is Oh. My. Good. God. – it’s super scary to “go” for the first time because that area of your body was just just so incredibly traumatized by the whole birth process, you dread the thought of more irritation, stretching, pushing, ripping, popping stitches, aggravating hemorrhoids, etc. … yeah, it’s scary! I cannot attest to what it’s like to “go” after a vaginal birth, but what I can say is that my first time going after a C-section was absolute horror!

…it’s super scary to “go” for the first time because that area of your body was just just so incredibly traumatized by the whole birth process, you dread the thought of more irritation, stretching, pushing, ripping, popping stitches, aggravating hemorrhoids, etc. … yeah, it’s scary!

I believe the trouble with pooping after a c-section comes primarily form all the of pain medication you must take to be able to breathe, walk, move – it really clogs you up! This, combined with the fact that your body was just sliced open and the mere thought of contracting those muscles could bring you to tears, makes new moms who had a c-section never want to go again! Unfortunately, nobody told me the importance of fiber during this insane time of my life and I really wish they had because Holy. Crap. (no pun intended) it was absolutely terrible!

Here are a few of the words I would use to describe my first time “going” after birth:

1) Labor pains – I truly thought I was going into labor again – the worst abdominal cramping I’ve EVER had from a bowel movement!

2) Sweat – I was drenched by the time I was through.

3) Constipation - I did not go for about a week after I gave birth.

4) Tears – It hurt so badly I cried for the entire process.

5) Slow – From the time I sat down to the time I finished, I was in the bathroom for about an hour, which for dads is somehow considered normal – who knows what they’re doing in there for all that time?

So, there you have it – What It’s Really Like to poop for the first time as a new mommy. If you’ve been there before and it was a struggle, you probably just laughed at every line of this post because you could SO relate. Or, maybe you are one of those “lucky ones” who had no issues with this at all, and if that’s the case, then I really dislike you (just kidding…sort of)! And, if you’ve yet to achieve this wonderful milestone after giving birth, please take my advice and pump the fiber and liquids!!! I’ve never wished diarrhea on anyone before, but hey, there’s a first time for everything, right? I hope you all know I mean that in the nicest way possible!
This WIRL was originally published to WIRL Project on February 24, 2015. 

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  1. Profile photo of Sara Brennan

    @ahazy19 I hate that this is something we both have in common, but love that we have the ability to look back and laugh at it now. Can’t wait to hear your version of the story! :)

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  2. Profile photo of Ashley

    Haha! I cracked up at this! And it’s so true! I had a vaginal birth and let me tell you, it was WAYYY scarier than the actual labor and delivery of the baby! I actually have a funny story about that that I’ll have to tell at a later time! : ) GREAT story Sara!!

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  3. Profile photo of Kate

    O.M.G. Sara – I just laughed at pretty much every sentence of this post. The first poop is almost more scary than delivery! I braced myself, held my breath, and then just tears and sweat. Yikes! All in all, though, I must say I’ve never been more in awe by what the female body is capable of. Go us!

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    • Profile photo of Sara Brennan

      Kate…who knew, right? I NEVER knew this was even a “thing” until I was sitting there dying on the toilet! I sure wish someone told me about it so I could mentally prepare!

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  4. Profile photo of Sara Brennan

    @esanglum Looking back, it IS very funny to think about! And, you’re so right on when you say that being in the bathroom for any amount of time is normal for a guy…they take their phones, ipads, newspapers, work materials, and anything else that will occupy their time in there with them! So weird and, actually, pretty gross!! Thanks for reading my WRL and getting a kick out of it…it’s something people don’t talk about a whole lot, but hopefully I can help someone to NOT have to go through this like i did! :)

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  5. Profile photo of Erin Solada Anglum

    You poor thing! I have admit I may have giggled while reading this and am sure when the time comes I’ll have karmic retribution coming my way haha. I have to say from my daily nursing school dealings this was pretty mild in the detail department of “code browns”. In all seriousness constipation is a HUGE issue with pain meds and when you add in immobility it only makes it worse. Your nurse should have told you to increase the fluid, fiber, and (as much as you could tolerate) walking can get help gets things moving, so to speak. I was also laughing to myself because in the bathroom for an hour or so is such a long time to us girls but pretty normal for most guys haha.

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