How To Trick Your Keurig

Trick My Keurig


I love my Keurig 2.0 machine, but I do not drink coffee. One feature that I especially love, aside from the sleek design and pretty colored lights that it brings to the kitchen, is that my Keurig can give me hot water on demand to make my black or chai tea every morning. But, I HATED that I had to stand there and press the “dispense water” button the whole time; I have things to do you know…I don’t have time to spend standing there pressing a button! ;)Keurig Hot Water

So, I decided to get smart. I am usually a very innovative person in that I figure things out or I “rig” it so that it works in my favor; in other words, I get what I want often. I knew there had to be a way to automatically dispense hot water from my machine without constantly pressing this button. I was having a weak moment and decided to make some hot cocoa one day (don’t judge) and a lightbulb went off…once the hot chocolate (powder) was emptied from the pod, there was nothing left! So, I thought, what if I try to put the pod in again, and allow the machine to “make” another batch, with an EMPTYKeurig Hot Water pod? BINGO! The water passed through the empty pod and out came my water…but the BEST PART was that I didn’t have to press that button the whole time to get it! In fact, I could increase the amount of water dispensed and get 10oz all in one go!! HOW AWESOME!

So, now, when I want to make up a cup of tea, I insert that empty pod of hot chocolate into my Keurig and trick the machine to thinking it making me hot chocolate. It works like a charm! Sara: 1 Keurig: 0

Do you have any other ways you’ve tricked your Keurig into doing something awesome? Let us know and share your story at WIRL Project

P.S. I did not get paid to endorse or promote this product. :)


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    Oh my goodness.. I LOVE you! Thank you for sharing this!

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