What Blogging Is Really Like – Sharing And Caring

what blogging is really like

When I first started blogging, I thought I should write a full story of my life. Then I thought I should write all of my thoughts. After a few years, I know that my orientation about blogging was changing!

Blogging is about keeping my working portfolios. I’ve been a blogger since 2009, and now when I read my old posts, they make “aha” moments. From the old posts I know when I mastering certain knowledge and how I learned about it.

Blogging is about keeping family memories. My babies photos, wedding photos, and some old photos of my parents, my house, my pets with stories that explained, that I put on my blog several years ago, keep my eyes wet when I read them! I’m the kind of woman that easily cries when something from my memories is recalled. And that feeling is beautiful, I like to remember my past, that’s why I like to become a blogger.

Blogging is about learning to build a website. My first blog was built at Blogger. Then I realized that Blogger is not the right platform if you want to raise your blog and having more features. Since a year ago I switched my blog’s platform into Joomla. And now I can do so much with my blog and engage more relation with my readers. Switching the platform is easy if you hire a website expert, but not if you do it yourself. I had to learn a lot to manage my Joomla. I love to learn! So the switching was not hard, and I like to work on it.

Blogging is about friendship. From my blog I made friendship with fabulous people from around the world. Initially, they liked my topic, they were interested with my experiences, then they become my friends since we were interact frequently through email or social media. I like to have friends from different places; there are so many topics that we can share, especially about the differences of our places, cultures, food, and living style.

Those are my real experiences on blogging. Blogging is about more than just making money from home, if you don’t think so then you’re wrong. Blogging is also about sharing and caring.

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