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BlogU: A Wealth of Technical Knowledge and New Friends

BlogU: A Wealth of Technical Knowledge and New Friends

First, congratulations to the BlogU15 staff and organizers, nicely done. My husband and I are frequent conference attendees and have had the privilege of working behind the scenes at conferences, there are a thousand moving parts and never any down time for the organizers. Everyone was so kind and generous with questions and responsive to making the conference experience enjoyable. I hope everyone...

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BlogU Baltimore Uncustomary | WIRL Project

BlogU in Baltimore

As a blogger, I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my corner of the internet. I do as much research as I can online, but I’m a much better learner in a teacher-student scenario. I’ve paid lots of money to attend blogging workshops and branding seminars, as well as purchasing plenty of one-on-one consultation services. I’ve learned something from each of these, for sure, but I really had no i...

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Stop Apologizing for Being Me |WIRL project

I Stopped Apologizing For Being Me

I have struggled with other people’s assumptions my entire life. I remember being in the principal’s office at the public school we were zoned for when we lived in the country, and her leaning in and asking me “Are you an only child?” I was in her office because a boy had run up to me and grabbed me between my legs when our Spanish teacher was out of the room. I was so embarrassed — it had been a ...

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BlogU15 | WIRL Project

BlogU Taught Me About Blogging and Powdered Alcohol

This past weekend was one that I had basically been counting down to since it was over last year, Blog U was finally here. This time was made even better by the fact that one of my real life besties was joining me this go round. Nicole and I headed up on Thursday and made it despite the dreary and seemingly never ending rain that fell from Durham all the way to Baltimore. We relaxed a little bit b...

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Flight | WIRL Project

Why Flying Home From BlogU Nearly Killed Me

Every year I try to attend at least one conference where I will hone my skill of writing, and network with others in the same genre. This year I attended an amazing conference called BlogU – short for University. It is held on the beautiful campus of the all girls college Notre Dame University in Baltimore, Maryland. The panels were made up ‘faculty’ who are all successful in their own areas, and ...

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Middle School Blog U | WIRL Project

BlogU: Middle Age Middle School

I had the weirdest dream: I’m sharing a couch in a hotel bar with “I Just Want to Pee Alone” NYT Bestselling Author, Jen Mann. Our conversation meanders from our mutual admiration for Hugh Howey to me giving her shit about the fact that her rental car has manual roll-down windows. We then somehow make the connection that I was in the PTA with a book blogger that she follows. The next thing I know,...

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I Found Myself at BlogU | WIRL Project

BlogU Taught Me About Myself

I’m sure that many others will blog about the amazingness that was Blog U 2015 this past weekend. Blog U was a great conference which packed about a month of information into 48 hours. I got excellent information which will improve TND, help us expand our reach, AND help us chart the next step beyond. I highly recommend it for any blogger looking to up their game. But I’m not going to talk about a...

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No Sleep BlogU | WIRL Project

No Rest for the Wicked(ly Awesome) at BlogU15

It’s always best to begin at the beginning. From the moment I decided to attend BlogU15 in Baltimore I was terrified and thrilled. The “bitch in my head” started to take over my brain and I did my best to quiet her. My flight would be leaving Florida at 6 am on Friday, which meant I needed to be awake at 3 am and in a cab to the airport by 4. Mornings and I are not the best of friends so when I sa...

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BlogU | WIRL Project

The 10 Things That BlogU Taught Me

Guys, I’m not gonna lie. Going to a conference is hard work. But if you’re dedicated, like me, this is what you have to do. This weekend I went to the BlogU blogging conference where they run a pretty tight ship. They keep you going the whole damn time. I guess they want people to get their money’s worth or something, but I’m like, “Hold up, Ladies. I’m gonna need a nap now.” Unfortunately, this y...

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Left Shy Self At Home | WIRL Project

I Left My Shy Self At Home This Year: BlogU15

Last year I went to The Blog University known as #BlogU. Hashtag getschooled. And there was definitely a lot of schooling to be had there. Writing, promoting, making money, social media, “branding” your blog, treating your blog like a business. A lot. And despite the notion that one should go to a blogging conference to learn about blogging, I actually learned more about myself last ye...

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