Pregnancy and Anxiety

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I feel like these two things do not go well together. Anybody else? Having anxiety is one thing, and being pregnant is another. But having both…is a whole new ball game. I could go on and on, but someone who understands/has/deals with someone with anxiety knows how awful and traumatic and debilitating it can be. Now if you’ve ever been pregnant WITH anxiety you’ll understand everything I say in this blog.

Pregnant women tend to carry a little bit of anxious tendencies to begin with. Worried and wondering about child birth, starting or adding to their family, picking a pediatrician and so on. But let me tell you a little bit about what a pregnant woman with pretty bad anxiety lives like. I am pregnant, but not far along (which is why this post is anonymous ;) ). When I’m not pregnant I worry about what I’m going to make for dinner, or what I’m going to dress our toddler in for the day, or having enough time before nap time to get all the errands fitted in. Those are common everyday stresses for me. Now that I’m pregnant, it’s times a hundred. And keep in mind that this is NOT my first pregnancy!

When you find out you’re pregnant and you call your doctor to make an appointment, and they schedule it 2 weeks out…that gives me anxiety. Worrying what if something happens before that?? Don’t they know that I’m an anxiety ridden person that needs answers RIGHT NOW?!? I neeeeed to know that everything’s ok. When they have my chart/information in front of them and still offer me a 2pm appointment = ANXIETY! Don’t they know I have a 2 year old that needs to nap, isn’t that an average nap time?!

Thinking about afterwards, coming home with a newborn and a toddler, gives me anxiety. It makes me wonder if I can do it all. If I will be enough for two little dependent human beings. How will I run all of the errands with not just 1, but 2 kids now?!? I am very stubborn and refuse help at any circumstance and insist that I can ‘do it all!!’ (I am superwoman too if I didn’t mention that already ;) ).

Thinking about all the people that will want to stop and visit and hold my new precious little bundle, gives me severe anxiety!! (I know that I’m not due for a while still, but this is stuff that my anxiety will not let me subdue). I immediately think about all the sickness that’s been going around, colds and coughs and runny noses, pneumonia, and stomach viruses, and these people are going to want to TOUCH MY KID! Aghhhhhh!!! I may be a second-time mommy, but I bet my anxiety would fool anyone to believing it was my first time. Thinking about everyone wanting to sit and stay for hours and just holding my baby just throws me into a whole new dimension of nuts!! Haha 8O I want to sit and hold him/her! I am damn proud of my little family and want us to have our time together, letting my little one get to know my new littlest one. When people tell me, …it’s ok, no need to get all worked up!! I wanna scream :x

I read an article this morning about dealing with a person with anxiety and a list of things to consider/understand and I will link it down below. Mental Illness is not something that can just be “dropped” because it’s inconvenient. It is something that I not only live with, but so does everyone around me. It’s something that my husband tries very hard to understand and he has been so patient in working with me and my “issues”, if you will. I know someone may read this and think this girl needs medicated!! And maybe I do need some kind of therapy of some sort, but me dealing with it in my own way is part of the quest for me. I need to be able to conquer each and every task, every single day, in my own way and on my own time. This is where the stubbornness comes in again. :)

Am I the only person who goes through this?!? Sometimes I feel like that’s the case, but I know it’s not. For more advice/tips on how to treat and understand anxiety please read the link below. It fit almost every one of my needs to a T. And someone that you know that may have anxiety would be so grateful for your compassion.

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  1. It is so refreshing to read honesty. Anxiety is so crippling. I never realized how much I suffered with anxiety until just recently. Being pregnant with anxiety has got to be a challenge. I have learned to breathe which really helps with my anxiety. I also wear a cotton ball with lavender oil. I have learned to challenge my fears. Fear is the cause of anxiety so think and talk about your fears. Redirect your thoughts to a happier time or place. You can try thought blocking to stop any negative thoughts. I wish you the best. Know you are not alone.

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