Please Help Me Not To Look Like An Umpa Lumpa!

Please Help Me Not To Look Like An Umpa Lumpa!


Ok so you want a nice tan glow, but everyone is telling you to stay out of the sun.  “It will give you wrinkles! You will get skin cancer!”  Yes I agree with their advice!  But we can get that sun-kissed glow without the sun or tanning bed – please people – get out of the tanning beds!   All those self tanners 10 years ago gave the future of self tanners a bad rap.  Most people turned out with streaky color all over or worse, they looked like an Umpa Lumpa (not a good look!).  I myself have used a lot of self tanners in my day.  So I feel pretty educated on it.  The #1 product I have found is the Rodan + Fields Sunless Foaming Tan.

Here is why:

  • Foam based.  That means it dries fast.  No more walking around naked around your house for 1/2 hour or touching anything!
  • No orange color!
  • For all skin colors.  Fair skin folks can use 1 pump and darker complected can use several pumps and several applications to get the color they want.
  • Non greasy!  This is what really sold me.  I can put it on in the morning, and then apply my SPF and makeup.  By lunch, I was nice and tan!
  • For me, I just look better with a tan, and now I don’t have to get it from the sun (and all the wrinkles and cancer that comes with that!)



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  1. Profile photo of Kristin Cogan

    So glad @sammyrose130! Are you a current customer of Rodan + Fields?

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    This product looks awesome @kristincogan !!! I’ve been dying to try a sunless tanner product but was too nervous that instead of a summers glow I would end up orange, streaky, and uneven! I’ll definately have to look into gettin this I love rodan and fields products and never knew they made this.

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