What It’s Really Like to CHOOSE to Work Rather Than HAVE To.

Working Woman | WIRL Project

I was inspired to write this WIRL after reading about Jacquelyn Frazier. Jacquelyn Frazier is a social media maven, a mom, and the wife of Cincinnati Reds standout Todd Frazier. Todd just so happens to be this years MLB home run derby champion. He also made $3.75 million this past year and will make $8.25 million next year. So to say that Jacquelyn doesn’t have to work might be an understatement. But she CHOOSES to run her own business with Rodan + Fields.

I too have chosen to partner with the doctors of Proactiv Solution while they take over the anti-aging skincare market. And even though I am FAR from Jacquelyn’s financial situation, I didn’t start my business necessarily for the income. I know a lot of people who start their business to have more income and time freedom. But for me, I honestly started for fun. A lot of my girlfriends were doing great at it and I saw them one after another retire from their corporate careers because of Rodan + Fields. And they were having FUN doing so!

As a stay-at-home mom, I was missing a sense of self accomplishment and self fulfillment that I had when I was working full time. But I certainly didn’t want to go back to working for someone else. So now, just like Jacquelyn, I CHOOSE to work on my own terms and on my own time, when I CHOOSE! I feel so blessed that I was introduced to this business so I never HAVE to work. Never before have I been apart of something so inspiring, uplifting and encouraging. The passion I have for my “work” is eye opening. And when you find something you love, you will never WORK a day in your life. And I get to tell everyone I know about it in the hopes that this business can be a blessing for them as well!


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