I Know…

I Know…


I am just going to be honest and put it out there, about motherhood/fatherhood…

Just keeping it real!! First off, I feel like Facebook tends to not be “real” life.  I am sure If you went to my FB page right now, you would think, “her baby is so cute! Her kids seem so happy!” Too bad you can’t see ME, behind the camera. Bags under my eyes, frizzy hair in a bun (wanna be bun, my hair doesn’t do buns very well).

Disclaimer: In NO way, am I complaining or wishing my life to be different. I just feel like other moms out there need to know they aren’t alone.

Let’s face it! Being a mom is hard work!! Now, being a mom of 3, is very hard!! Not only do you have to give each kid your attention at the same time, you have to look at them at the same time, because if you don’t, they call you out on it.   Well, I for instance, have felt the need to let you moms and dads know that you are not alone! I know how hard it is to try and function on 2 hours a sleep a night, because your little one is fussy, sick, hungry, or just not tired. I know how it is when you are standing in line at the grocery store (in my case, Target) and the baby is crying and your 3 year old won’t stop running around and grabbing stuff off the shelves. You feel alone and like everyone in the store is glaring at you, judging you, whispering under their breath. Maybe they are?! But who cares! Maybe I would have cared before, but I don’t anymore. They don’t know me or my kids.

Iimage know how it is to crave sleep, like it is a drug. You can’t stop thinking about it, wanting it, needing it!!! I know how it is to feel like every minute, every hour of the day just seems like forever when the little ones are screaming and crying. I know how it is to feel like there will never be a time for this or that. There will be! Things will get better! There will be a day that you look back and laugh at all of the sleepless nights, tantrums in Target, spit up all over your shirts, and the times you drove like a Nascar driver to get home because your baby was screaming bloody murder all the way home!!

Just breathe…it will be OK!!! :)

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