Why Most People Don’t Know How To Use Eye Cream

Why Most People Don’t Know How To Use Eye Cream


So I was kinda shocked when a few people I sold eye cream to, told me they had never used eye cream before – and they were in their 50s!  I started using it in college!  Well, a few of the eye cream virgins woke up with red irritated puffy eyeseyes that were puffy.  Turned out they were practically putting the eye cream in (or too close to) their eye!  So, I feel the need to help educate on how to put eye cream on effectively.  If you refer to the image, you’ll see that the cream actually travels on your face almost an inch! Here are some tips when applying the cream:

– Use your pinky finger to apply the cream; it’s the most gentle.

– Dab it at least an inch away from your eyeball.

– Use it morning AND night.

– Use just a little bit, no need to glob it all over.

And there you go, now you know how to effectively apply eye cream!

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