What It’s Really Like

The Question That Made Me Realize My Stress Was Hurting My Husband. A Lot.

The Question That Made Me Realize My Stress Was Hurting My Husband. A Lot.

Last year I came across a blog post that encouraged me to ask a question, just one question, of my spouse. The couple who wrote the article said it did wonders in their marriage, so I tried it. I asked Kyle, “What do you need from me?” I fully expected him to answer something related to him, to his love languages, something like, “I need more encouragement and support from you regarding my job” or...

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Famous Podcast | WIRL Project

What It’s Really Like – The Story Behind WIRL Project

I had the privilege of being invited by T.v. Williams to be on his Famous Podcast a few weeks ago. I recently shared Part 1 of the show featuring a few stories about me and my personal life. Today I’m talking more about my professional life and how I was inspired to create the WIRL Project platform. In this particular portion of the show (Part 2) I am talking about: My son Mason (a quick blu...

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Working Woman | WIRL Project

What It’s Really Like to CHOOSE to Work Rather Than HAVE To.

I was inspired to write this WIRL after reading about Jacquelyn Frazier. Jacquelyn Frazier is a social media maven, a mom, and the wife of Cincinnati Reds standout Todd Frazier. Todd just so happens to be this years MLB home run derby champion. He also made $3.75 million this past year and will make $8.25 million next year. So to say that Jacquelyn doesn’t have to work might be an understate...

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Fight Attendant | WIRL Project

What It’s Really Like to Be a Flight Attendant

Being a flight attendant comes with some major perks: For one, you get to travel the world. But the job isn’t without its own challenges, too. Those of us in more grounded offices get to go home everyday; if your office has wings, though, you might be away from your home on nights you’d rather be in your own bed. So what wins out: Homesickness, or love of travel? Turns out that’s just one of the q...

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Twins Bath | WIRL Project

Twin Boys: What It Was REALLY Like

I have identical twin sons, Tai & Jay, now all grown up in their 20’s, but it really does seem like yesterday they were those cute little men running around amusing each other and us! So twins are on both sides of the family and the story says twins should skip a generation, but not in my case. It’s funny because in my family – I was the youngest of 4 girls, and my 3 sisters each h...

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Vanity Fair - Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner: What You’re REALLY Thinking…

Yes, I said it, Caitlyn Jenner. The former Bruce Jenner has finally physically transitioned and let “her” out of the closet making her debut on Vanity Fair magazine earlier this week. Good for him! or her? Right? Or not? Hmmm? Let’s be real…we ALL have something to say about this…EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. US. Even if you say you “don’t care”, there mus...

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What Blogging is Really Like | WIRL Project

Confession: What Blogging is REALLY Like

I started blogging a little over a year ago. In this time I’ve learned SO MUCH about the blogging world and I must confess, it’s not really what it appears to be.  I’ve wanted to share what I’m about to say for a long time now, but I was nervous about how others would respond….especially since many of the reasons I started WIRL Project stem from many of these blogging...

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WIRL Challenge Wednesday

WIRL Challenge Wednesday: What Is It REALLY Like to Be or Have a Twin?

What Is It REALLY Like to Be or Have a Twin? Prompt: We want to hear from Twins! Tell us what being or having a twin is REALLY like! We’re looking for insider views and perspectives. If you are a twin, know anyone who is, or are a parent of a twin, we NEED to hear from you!!! All stories are relevant…let us know what it’s really like! Due 6/01 5:00 EST Use the Category “WIR...

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WIRL Workout | WIRL Project

WIRL Workout at WIRL Project

Today at WIRL Project you will hear from several individuals who were interested in sharing their stories and confessions when asked “What Does Working Out REALLY Mean To You”. We want to hear from you too! To contribute your story or confession, use the Contribute a WIRL form here and use the tag “WIRL Workout” in your post and on social media. To search all of the “...

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Chemo Therapy WIRL Project

What It’s Really Like To Go Through Chemo Therapy

Finding out you have cancer would bring a whirlwind of thoughts, feelings, and emotions to your mind and body. Then, the reality sets in and you’re faced with the treatment options. How are you going to beat this beast? The emotional and physical strength it must take to get through such a thing must be incredible. WIRL Project wants to shed light on this subject because there are so many st...

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