What It’s Really Like to Be a Flight Attendant

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Being a flight attendant comes with some major perks: For one, you get to travel the world. But the job isn’t without its own challenges, too. Those of us in more grounded offices get to go home everyday; if your office has wings, though, you might be away from your home on nights you’d rather be in your own bed.

So what wins out: Homesickness, or love of travel? Turns out that’s just one of the questions that comes up when you get ready to start a life in the sky. We got together with Glenn and Curtis, two flight attendants (and partners—they met on the job!) at the same major airline with a combined total of 37 years experience, to find out what the lifestyle of a professional flight attendant is like, from being a newbie to a pro in the business.

1. It’s not just a career.

Glenn: “It’s a career, but it’s also a lifestyle. We have friends all over the world. We’re professional travelers. I’ve been based in London and Hong Kong, as well as San Francisco, where we both are now. You get used to living out of a suitcase, and bringing your little toiletry kit with you everywhere. You have your set of routines, depending on whether the flight is domestic or international, what the weather is like in the place you’re going, things like that. But you adapt to it, too. At home we have this big bag with a bunch of little bags inside, all stuffed with different currencies.”


For the rest of this confessional written by Sarah Purkrabek of Afar, visit the link below.

*Photo and excerpt source: Afar.com

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Website: http://www.afar.com/magazine/what-its-really-truly-like-to-be-a-flight-attendant

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