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This is the introduction of a series of posts titled, “A-B-Cs – What It’s Really Like”.  Each week a new word will be revealed. Each word’s explanation will illustrate significant personal meaning, application and ultimately demonstrate, What It’s Really Like…  

This week at preschool ‘T’ was the letter of the week. Each Friday my son is asked to bring an object from home for show-and-tell that begins with the letter of the week. After about six weeks of this process little B has taken over full responsibility of this task. My wife and I are thankful for this because we usually remember to grab the object on Friday morning right when we are walking out of the door. This week my son chose one of his trains to represent the letter ‘T’. Friday afternoon while he was wildly explaining his full day at summer preschool, I wondered what I would have chosen for show-and-tell. It quickly dawned on me that I had seen something like this before and then I remembered a book my grandmother had purchased for me several years ago.

The book is titled, “Beyond Basketball” written by Hall of Fame college basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski. The book, which is only 171 pages in length, is 40 short essays centered on an important keyword and illustrated with anecdotes from his personal experiences. Coach K chooses a keyword or several keywords from each letter in the alphabet. Each word is then defined through a personal experience (on and off the court) and its application is described. Recalling this book made me realize that this was the adult version of show-and-tell. Beyond that, it gave me an idea for a contribution to the WIRL Project.

“Everyone should be able to write a book like this, illustrating the words that are important to who we are using stories from our own lives.” – Coach Mike Krzyzewski, Beyond Basketball

Over the next 20+ weeks I plan on choosing one word for each letter in the alphabet to essentially “show-and-tell” the meaning of each word and illustrate its function in my life. My hope is through doing this you will also join me in reflecting and sharing your own words that apply to your life to show What It’s Really Like.

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