Selflessly Saying YES to Self-Care!

Selflessly Saying YES to Self-Care!

Self-care, self-care, self-care AHHHHHHhhhhh! What is all of this self-care talk about!?!

As mothers, even though our schedules seems to get tied up somehow some way, studies show that when you allow time for “self”, life will become more rewarding and less stressful despite the chaos.

I want to warn you, self-care IS NOT based solely on indulging in the “short term feel good activities” such as comfort foods, TV, pedicures, or shopping sprees. Although these are all great and fun activities, an excess of these can actually elevate one’s stress level, doing more harm than good!

Also…recognize that self-care is not selfish.

First of all understand that practicing self-care is preventative and it is anything but selfish. Secondly, the amount of self-care that you allow yourself reciprocates from the amount of self-love that you have for yourself. It becomes a revolving door when we do not learn to love ourselves completely or value who we are and own our worth. At that point we become the victim and feel as if life, motherhood, our careers, or marriage is restricting and limiting the time that we are able to take for ourselves. And as a result… our life seems to move farther and farther away from being vibrant, passionate, and what we truly desire.

Self-care, in a nut shell, refers to being consciously mindful of your daily life and taking personal responsibility for your complete wellbeing; your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health.

Breaking it down a little deeper, my definition of S.E.L.F C.A.R.E is: Selflessly Enabling Love For Comforting And Rejuvenating Energy

So let’s examine S.E.L.F C.A.R.E a little closer so that you can boldly make it a non-negotiable:

Selflessly - Since we know that self-care is a preventative action to better enhance our health and wellbeing, not only for ourselves but for the people around us, we need to set the feelings of guilt, worry, and abandonment free! Be empowered that you unselfishly LOVE yourself, and you are selflessly taking care of self so that you can continue to give to those around you.

Enabling - YES! You are giving yourself permission that “ME TIME” is a priority because you understand that YOU are significant and that you add value to the world around you. Say YES to yourself every day! Make YES a natural way of living and loving life.

Love - You love yourself right? But how much do you love yourself? How deep in your heart does your love reach? Self-care is an act of love. When you connect with yourself through self-care engagements that enrich your mind, body or soul you are deepening the LOVE, the bond, the relationship, the trust, affection, and awareness that you have with yourself. You should have a best friend relationship with yourself, not a love-hate, frenemy relationship. When you boldly choose to make self-care a non-negotiable, you are not only saying YES to yourself but you are also saying, “I love ME”! And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

You should have a best friend relationship with yourself, not a love-hate, frenemy relationship.

For - With the object or purpose of; Showing love to yourself for comfort and rejuvenation.

Comforting - At the end of the day, after we have exerted all of our energy in different spaces, places and people, we are too tired to even think about using any energy on ourselves; if we even have any left! That is why self-care is preventative and should be prioritized in your daily schedule. So instead of feeling empty by the end of the day, we have already took conscious actions to comfort and nurture ourselves which boosts our emotional and mental wellbeing, keeping us calm, cool and collective throughout the day.

And - A part of speech that connects two words or phrases; Comforting and Rejuvenating

Rejuvenating - Not only does self-care comforts us, giving us a more carefree energy to fuel ourselves, but it also rejuvenates us; energizes and radiates our natural charisma. This is where our glow, ambiance, our “secret sauce” attracts people to us.

Energy - How do you want people to remember YOU today? Your energy can either affect or infect not only yourself but your peers, family, friends, dog, etc. Self-care sets the tone for an increased and positive energy. When you love yourself, are mindful of your value and worth, you are less vulnerable and susceptible letting “life and all of its curve balls” get to you. Do not show up in the world as the malnourished, empty, and exhausted you, instead, show up FULLY as the glowing, wholehearted, and refreshed YOU!

Do not show up in the world as the malnourished, empty, and exhausted you, instead, show up FULLY as the glowing, wholehearted, and refreshed YOU!

woman hugging selfWhen you combine S.E.L.F C.A.R.E all together it reads: Unselfishly giving permission to show love to yourself with the purpose of boosting and energizing your wellbeing so that you can be your naturally vibrant self.

Your body is a temple and no matter how strong you are, we are delicate flowers that require consistent nurturing, tender love, and care. Deepen the love that you have for yourself and make self-care a non-negotiable so that you can begin living that vibrant and passionate life that you desire and deserve! What does self-care mean to you? How do you “care” for yourself? I would love to hear the self-care activities that release a comforting and rejuvenating energy to boost your wellbeing! Please share in the comments below!




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