Being a Work at Home Mom

If my 14 year old wouldn’t kill me, I would take a picture to show you what is happening right now in our house.

But first, let’s rewind just a bit… Yesterday when I picked my daughter up from school she was coughing, her nose was running, and she had a sore throat. So we stopped at the store on the way home to pick up the essentials.. medicine, kleenexes, cough drops, and juice.

By the time I picked my husband up from work our daughter had fallen asleep on the couch with one of our cats. (We were in a car accident a few weeks ago and his vehicle is in the shop getting fixed, which means we’re down to one vehicle… Luckily I’ve been able to drop my husband off at work and pick him up every day this week because I work at home). Our daughter woke up to eat dinner (which she was upset about because it was one of her favorites and she couldn’t taste it), watch Modern Family on the DVR, and then fell asleep again on the couch after another dose of medicine. I told my husband that I probably wasn’t going to send her to school today, I don’t appreciate when other parents send their kids to school when they’re sick, so I wasn’t about to do the same with mine.

This morning, after taking my husband to work, our daughter was still sleeping, which is uncommon for her. She’s usually up before my husband even leaves for work, and she’s up by 7am even on the weekends. So I made the decision just let her sleep in and miss school. I grabbed my computer and headed into my room to start working for the day. Around 7:45 I heard her coughing and waking up and before I knew it, she had crawled into bed with me. Yes, at 14, she still wants to get into bed with me and watch TV when she’s sick, I will never complain about that! :)

So right now, I’m laying in my bed with my computer, getting things ready to celebrate my Two Year Anniversary with Thirty-One with my customers in my VIP Customer Group. My daughter is laying next to me watching last night’s American Idol with kleenexes and cough drops sitting beside her on the night stand, and all five animals are laying in the bed with us. (Isn’t it funny how animals can sense when someone isn’t feeling well?)

THIS is why I LOVE my job. When my husband’s vehicle went into the shop we didn’t have to freak out about how he was going to get to work. We didn’t have to get a rental. We didn’t have to worry last night about who was going to have to miss work if our daughter was too sick to go to school today. We didn’t have to send her to school just so that one of us didn’t have to miss work to be home with her.

I’m still working today and I’ll still celebrate with my VIP Customers. I’ll still be bringing in income while laying in bed and taking care of my daughter. I don’t think I realized it when I was younger, but I was VERY blessed to have a stay at home mother. My brother and I never had to worry if someone was going to be there for us if we got sick at school and needed picked up. We never had to worry if our parents were going to be late picking us up somewhere because work ran late. We got to spend summers at home with our mom instead of at day care or a babysitters.

I’m very grateful to be able to do the same for our daughter. I know that staying home with her while she’s sick isn’t glamorous, but I do know that when she’s older, she’ll be look back and remember that I was always there.

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I am the mother to the most hilarious 14 year old I’ve ever met, wife to one hot HOT (Husband Of Thirty-One), and a crazy bag lady… or if you want to be formal about it, I am an Independent Director with Thirty-One. Whoo Hooo!

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