I Just Want To Nest!!

I Just Want To Nest!!

With a toddler to care for all day and another baby on the way, there is not much time to think about how different life will be once the newest member of our family is here.   However, the one thing that I can’t help but focus on is how much I need to organize before said new family member arrives.  The problem with this is my inability to “nest” the way every pregnant woman wants to.  The reason I can’t properly nest involves a ton of boxes and bins.  Let me explain.


We recently began the big changeover in our home to prepare for baby boy’s arrival in a few months.  We moved everything out of our office to free up a bedroom and made another “combo room” in our home (our game room has now become our game room/office.  We also have a dining room/playroom for those keeping track).  After that we packed up a ton of stuff and invested in a storage unit.  The storage unit sounded like a fantastic idea until I realized we’d be going through the contents of our entire attic, office, etc to throw out unnecessary items for weeks leading up to the big move into the unit and afterwards.


During this time, I began having visions of a perfectly clutter-free home.  As I longed to begin my “nesting” phase, these thoughts were wonderful!  The only problem is we moved tons of stuff into the storage unit and I am now suffocating being surrounded by boxes and bins instead of living in an organized home!   All of the things I thought would be pushed out of sight until we upped and moved homes one day are staring me down ALL day and night!!!   I somehow assumed (yes I know this makes an ass out of u and me) that the storage unit was the answer to everything, not realizing that we’d STILL be going through a ton of things that would “eventually” be put up in the attic and out of sight.  I feel like one of those hoarders you see on that show!   It has become such a nightmare for me.  It’s a constant reminder that I am unable to do the one thing that will fulfill my yearning!


I know one day I will have the opportunity to organize/nest the way I desire.  I understand you need to get through the storm before the calm can surface again, but I wish this storm would end sooner rather than later.  Until then, I’ll be the aggravated girl in the room that you may or may not be able to see behind all the boxes and bins!

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    I understand totally, Aly. We are in the same boat. I have boxes galore in our baby’s room and I can’t wait to feel more settled with that project! It will come together though all in due time! :). You still have many weeks to get ready.

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