Breast Augmentation Surgery: What It’s Really Like. Part 2: The Consult

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Upon leaving the consultation for a breast augmentation, I was consumed with excitement, frustration, and slight disappointment. The excitement was because the doctor seemed wonderful! He was educated, friendly, and comforting. The doctor made the suggestion of a silicone textured implant; his reasoning came from my body structure and proportions.

However, as the doctor left the room the reality of the financial quote hit my husband and I! Wow!!!! This is even more expensive then we expected. Can we justify this cost for cosmetic surgery? We spent the day discussing the pros and cons. The conversation even became heated, as many financial discussions can when so much is at stake!

The following day I spent my workday with this potential plan playing around in my mind! And when I thought about it, I was picturing myself doing it; I pictured the results! I know that I could easily trash the idea and just put our money towards our family, however, I have done that and will continue to do that for the majority of my life. I deserve to do something just for me! (Not that my husband won’t benefit, lol.) I bared my child and nursed her in the wee hours of the night, I dedicated every ounce of my energy to her little life, and that won’t change by giving me the body I want to have!

That was the decision I made. All of the anxieties didn’t outweigh the excitement about feeling like a sexy woman again; not just a mother, but a WOMAN. I called my doctor and booked the surgery.

Here I am two weeks before the date and I could not feel better about my decision! I’m ready to feel the way I felt before I was just a wife and mother. I think that I am confident in many aspects of my life; I’m intelligent, career driven, nurturing, and I try to be a respectful and genuine person to everyone I meet. It’s time for my body to match the internal confidence.

Motherhood and giving birth is the most magical experience of my life; I would not change a thing about that life miracle! But, the damage it leaves in it’s wake is less than desirable, and every woman had the right to do whatever she can to feel desirable again!

Stay tuned to learn about the surgery & recovery! ;)

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