WIRL Challenge Wednesday: What Is It REALLY Like to Be or Have a Twin?

WIRL Challenge Wednesday

What Is It REALLY Like to Be or Have a Twin?

Prompt: We want to hear from Twins! Tell us what being or having a twin is REALLY like! We’re looking for insider views and perspectives. If you are a twin, know anyone who is, or are a parent of a twin, we NEED to hear from you!!! All stories are relevant…let us know what it’s really like!

Due 6/01 5:00 EST

Use the Category “WIRL Challenge” and Tag “WIRL Twin”.

You may contribute as a member, guest, or anonymously.


Thoughts to consider when writing your WIRL:

Are you identical or fraternal twins?
What is your relationship with your twin really like? Are you super close? Do argue a lot?
Do you feel that you have a special bond that is unlike other siblings?
Have you ever wished you were not a twin? When? Why?
Identical twins: Do you secretly hate that someone looks just like you? Or have you ever pulled any pranks?
Most twins seem like they’re best friends with each other and constantly together. Why is this?
Did you enjoy being in the same class as your twin in school?
What are some benefits or drawbacks of having a twin?
Do you hope to have twins yourself someday?
Is there a crazy “twin” story you could share?
Has being a twin ever brought you any unique opportunities? Such as a Double Mint commercial?


Contact Help@WIRLproject.com if you have any questions. 

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