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Twin Boys: What It Was REALLY Like

I have identical twin sons, Tai & Jay, now all grown up in their 20’s, but it really does seem like yesterday they were those cute little men running around amusing each other and us! So twins are on both sides of the family and the story says twins should skip a generation, but not in my case. It’s funny because in my family – I was the youngest of 4 girls, and my 3 sisters each h...

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What It’s Really Like to Have an Identical Twin – and Finding out at Age 33!

Ok yes, I knew I was a twin my whole life, but for the first 33 years, we were told we were fraternal.   First question EVERYBODY asks when I mention that I have a twin sister is – Are you identical or fraternal? My response was always that we are fraternal, but look VERY similar! We were always told that my mother had fraternal twin girls because we each had our own sac in utero. Every frat...

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WIRL Challenge Wednesday

WIRL Challenge Wednesday: What Is It REALLY Like to Be or Have a Twin?

What Is It REALLY Like to Be or Have a Twin? Prompt: We want to hear from Twins! Tell us what being or having a twin is REALLY like! We’re looking for insider views and perspectives. If you are a twin, know anyone who is, or are a parent of a twin, we NEED to hear from you!!! All stories are relevant…let us know what it’s really like! Due 6/01 5:00 EST Use the Category “WIR...

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