Does Only Clear Skin Warrant Success?

Does Only Clear Skin Warrant Success?


My acne is only skin deep. My skin won’t stop me because…

  • I am a smart strong person
  • Those who will love me will always love me no matter how I look
  • My confidence is not superficial but it comes from my knowledge, passion and drive to do better and bigger things in life, not only for myself but for my family, my girls and their future!

My acne started when I was a teenager due to hormonal changes but it was only minor. My school mates made fun of me, certain people in my family too were not understanding. At that point, I started taking prescription medication for my acne. The real problem started when one day I woke up with a reaction to that medicine and it had flared my acne to an acute condition where even looking at my face would probably remind you of a horror movie. But stories and movies have made-up stuff, my overblown acne was very real!

Through trips to various doctors and them wanting to use me as a ‘case-study’ since they hadn’t seen anything like this before made me exhausted, ashamed, and my self-esteem took a major blow. Since then my acne has cleared out but has left a lot of scars on my face. I could feel people staring at me, thinking ‘ugly’ when they looked at me and much more. I had even convinced myself that nobody would love me because of the way I looked.

One day everything changed – the day I met my husband. He looked at me, and after getting to know me over the course of just one day he asked me to marry him. He looked past my skin and saw ‘me.’ It was a long journey for me to ‘love’ myself but surely I am there due to him and now, my girls. They love me unconditionally!

It gives me strength to walk out into the world and do what I want to do and accomplish everything I have on my vision board!

So, my question to everyone is does only clear skin guarantee success in life?

If not, then why does media only showcase beauty? In the world of business, why does the media only talk about success stories like Facebook, LinkedIn etc.? There are tons of regular people, and entrepreneurs that need their story heard as they work towards their goals and accomplish wonders! Glamorizing everything only puts unrealistic expectations in the minds of people and they don’t reach their true potential due to this pressure. For those who want to accomplish anything in life, to them I say, do not let glamour undermine what you believe in!

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