Remembering a Sweet Little Boy: Andrew Hunter Murray

Remembering a Sweet Little Boy: Andrew Hunter Murray


I had the privilege of knowing Andrew Hunter Murray. He was a very special young boy and although being confined to a wheelchair and requiring constant supervision, Andrew was always a very happy child.  His eyes would light up a room, and his smile was infectious.  You could be in the worst mood, spend no more than 1 minute Andrew, and be laughing right along with him.

Unfortunately, at 6 years old, Andrew, son of Madeleine and Ryan Murray,  suddenly passed away on April 6, 2015. Although doctors said he wouldn’t make it past one, he was able to prove them wrong and live a very happy and loving life.

Ryan and Madeleine were blessed with a beautiful child and were the best parents to him that anyone could ever be. They both need help with the funeral expenses and for this little angel’s headstone. If you have children, or if you’ve ever loved one, you know how hard this must be for them.

If you can, please help this family and donate to their GoFundMe page (below). They need all the help and prayers they can get. WIRL Project is a very supportive and empowering place, I hope you can find room in your heart, and your wallet, to help. I knew this boy and loved him dearly and want to help in any way I can.

Remember, giving is not always a demand, but more often it is a decision your heart makes.

Thank You.

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