When Bras Attack

I’m an Independent Director with Thirty-One Gifts, which means that I get paid to party! I absolutely love it, but I do have my fair share of embarrassing things that have happened at my parties.

I’m the first to admit that I’ll never have a “perfect party”. I get excited when I present which leads to me talking too fast and stumbling on my words. I make funny faces without realizing it, and I often bump into my display. I can’t help it, it’s just how I am and I’ve learned to embrace those sides of me. I’m prepared for all those to happen at every party, and it’s ok, I’m human! Direct Sellers aren’t perfect, that would just be boring!

Over the summer (which I am really missing right now!) a friend was hosting a Thirty-One party with me. There were about ten women in the hostess’s living room and we were having a great time. I knew most of the women that were at the party, so that always adds to the fun.

We were laughing, sharing stories, and talking about how we would use all of the products that I was sharing when it happened… I bent down to pick up our Large Utility Tote so I could talk about it and pass it around to the guests when all of a sudden the underwire from my bra broke through the fabric, shot out of my shirt, and hit me in the eye. I kid you not! It happened so fast I had a hard time understanding what HAD happened. As soon as I realized what just hit me, I also remembered that I was standing in the middle of a living room with 10 sets of eyes staring at me waiting to see my reaction.

What’s a girl to do!?! I started laughing uncontrollably, picked up my underwire and threw it into my bag. Then I told the ladies at the party:

You all have to add at least one more product to your order now, so I can go out and buy some new bras!

The rest of the party was a blast, and I even had someone join my Thirty-One team BECAUSE of the bra incident!

When I got home from the party I told my 14 year old daughter what had happened as well as my husband. Of course my husband had no idea how something like that could even happen, but my daughter was laughing so hard that she had tears running down her face. Now when I come home from parties she asks me if we need to go bra shopping!

Do you have any embarrassing bra stories?

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I am the mother to the most hilarious 14 year old I’ve ever met, wife to one hot HOT (Husband Of Thirty-One), and a crazy bag lady… or if you want to be formal about it, I am an Independent Director with Thirty-One. Whoo Hooo!

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    Heather, OMG, this is hilarious! As they say in the arts, “the show must go on”!! I love that you are so light-hearted and were able to laugh about it! I can’t even imagine how funny this was in person, I laughed out loud reading the post! lol

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