Today, I saw that the average family in the U.S.A. makes almost $54,000 per year. They have saved an average of $3,800. That is shocking to me. It’s obvious that Americans have greater concerns in front of them.

As a direct result of the great recession starting in 2007, many people are worse off today. If people were forced to save money at an early age, and then taught to invest it properly, there’d be no issues. Saving money for the future is one of the most important things a person can do for themselves.

Saving money is important, but where you save it is just as important. The typical conservative will save their money at a bank. They get paid almost zero, so each year they lose value to inflation. People are living a lot longer today, which means they will need their money to last much longer. The idea of paying yourself first makes sense. People need to understand the concepts of investing in something that produces something. Stocks produce profits and are paid to shareholders in dividends and share appreciation. Gold, silver and other commodities don’t produce anything. Their price fluctuations result fear and volatility.

BANKRATE recently did a survey on March 19-22 of this year. Here’s some of their results:

Average family invested in the stock market:
46% – Yes
52% – No

Reasons for not investing in the stock market:
Lack money 53%
Lack knowledge 21%
Distrust advisors 9%
Too risky 7%
High fees 2%

Invested in the stock market:
2014 54%
2007 58%
2002 67%
2000 62%

Those currently invested in the stock market:
78% of those making $75,000 or more
21% of those making $30,000 or less

If you are not investing in the stock market, you are losing out. Most people have a bank account, an IRA or a 401(k) savings plan. Unfortunately they don’t spend very much time understanding what their choices are and how they should allocate their choices. Most people don’t have a financial plan. Based on a recent survey, most people would rather clean their toilet than to review their financial plan.

What are my alternatives?

1. Company pensions are being phased out.
2. Social Security is suspect, at best.
3. Save on your own and have a great financial plan.

Investing in the stock market works. Since 2008, the market has had an annual compounded return of over 17% per year.

Unfortunately, the past market corrections have scared people, not educated them.

Don’t let fear or what you don’t understand prevent you from investing in the stock market.

Get started today!


Gleason Asset Management, LLC

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