Help Me Get My Sexy Back!

Help Me Get My Sexy Back!

As a stay at home and homeschooling mom with a husband who is working and going to school full time, I almost never get alone time for just me. I feel I have forgotten how to take care of me. I want to feel like a sexy woman again. I am no longer breast feeding or pregnant and all my kids but one are potty trained. I want “me” back.

I feel in the past 8 years of mothering I have lost all sense of “me” and being a “woman”. So I need your help! Money is not fluid at all I have very little to work with so please me conservative in some of your recommendations money wise.

Here’s a list of what I need help with. Comment below to respond to ANY question. Your advice is GREATLY appreciated!!

1) I have been using my husbands razor to shave my legs for 8 years. Do you recommend a good woman’s razor that gives a close shave so I can have smooth sexy legs again?

2) I almost never work out. I need to work out badly. I cannot afford a gym. What are some moves I can do in the morning before my children wake up that I can do to get toned up again?

3) Facial care. I have been using soap. Dove soap or just something that looked pretty at Marshalls for my face. But my pores on my nose still feel bumpy I want this to go away. What (facial care) products do you like? remember $ not $$$?

4) Please help me with quality shoes for support and comfort for my older over weight self that wont make my feet hurt at the end of the day! I was considering Lands End. I don’t want to look like a grandma and I don’t want to look like a Kardashian. Something practical for a busy mom but still cute. This I’m willing to spend a bit more on. I feel comfortable with Lands Ends prices.

5) Make up. I rarely were make up. But when I do I don’t want to look like a 13 year old. I know how to put it on, but I just want some suggestions for some great, yet inexpensive, products.

6) Hair clips and products to do your hair with that you love. Brushes, clips, and product. Go! I have been wearing my hair in pony tail my whole life, I want to feel like a woman!

7) Nail care products, so my old looking nails from scrubbing tubs don’t look so shabby.

8) I always just bought the cheapest and best smelling deodorant. Should I be looking into this more? What do you use?

9) Moisturizer for my hands and skin. Not lotion!

10) Sunscreen for me and my kids. Do you have a favorite? Why?


Thanks for reading and sharing your favorite things with me!


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    Alright, here we go Andrea!

    1) I used to use the BIC razors, but tried the Venus one’s one time and will NEVER go back. You can get $3.00 coupons and combine them with Target or HT promos and get them for very cheap and they last for a long time!!

    2) Buy T25 from Ebay or Craigslist! I swear by it. If you do it properly and watch what you eat, you’ll see amazing results! It’s a one time purchase and you’ll have the system to use forever!

    3) My favorite cleanser is a bit pricey – It’s by La Roche Posay and I get it from Ulta. This probably doesn’t help you much…sorry! I’d say use the flyer coupons from Ulta and ask the girls there what you can get on a budget.

    4) I really like TOMS shoes – not sure if this would suit what you’re looking for but they’re a great “mom shoe” and they have lots of different colors and styles. Kohls and Target sell knockoff looking ones that are much less expensive.

    5) I did an extensive WIRL on my “Mommy Face”/Makeup with all my favorite products. Check it out here:

    6) Headbands from Francesca’s are AWESOME because they have little jewels on them to look pretty, but they’re basically just a fancy elastic band you can wear with a ponytail, with your hair down, etc. and they’re pretty cheap!

    7) No clue about the nails…mine are so weak they peel off and break all the time. I’d like some help with this too! Maybe a gel polish?

    8) I use Dove deodorant and I like it. I think anything is fine, as long as you’re wearing it! :)

    9) I don’t use a whole of of moisturizers…I mainly use Jergens body lotion (in a goldish/yellow bottle)

    10) Sunscreen is tricky. I love the spray ones, but I read that they’re really bad for your lungs because we inhale a lot of it. I used the NO-AD brand from Walmart growing up, I know it’s pretty inexpensive and works well, as long as you can hold on to the kiddos long enough to put it on (and remember to put it on yourself)!

    I hope this list helps you get your sexy back @andreacurtis610!! Keep us posted!!! xo

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    • This is a lot of help!! The knock off of the Toms is probably not a good idea for me because of my back issues. Does the actual Toms have great support for arches?

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        What about FitFlops?

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        • I was considering lands end for flip flops. I currently am wearing my only pair of summer time shoes that doesn’t hurt my feet or back. They are from GH Bass. There not cute but it makes a big difference for my body. My old flips flops (old navy and rainbows) just don’t have enough support. At the end of the day my feet and back are just killing me.

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            Not “flip” flops, but “Fit Flops”. Have you ever heard of them?

            Sorry if that’s what you meant by what you said above, but I wanted to make sure you knew what I was suggesting. My Mother-in-Law loves these and they’re great for support (I think). Let us know if you discover anything you like!

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