My Skin Won’t Stop Me

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My acne was only skin deep. My skin won’t stop me because beauty is both inside and out. I believe that no one can define us, unless we allow them to.

While growing up as a teenager, I suffered from moderate acne and it made me feel very insecure and embarrassed. I think it made me so insecure that many of my classmates and peers thought that I was shy, not knowing the pain that went along with it. There were many jokes and whispers that occasionally you would catch from others when they thought you didn’t hear… I still remember one of my so-called male friends talking to another guy saying “She’s a 15 footer…”, not knowing what that meant. I finally asked what that meant and was told that up close, not so good looking!! I was hurt by those types of comments and they stay with you for a long time, even after the acne heals.

I know Eben through my daughter Sara and I can tell you that she is a beautiful person both inside and out… and I feel her pain! That being said I can connect with her insecurities about self-image. Stay strong Eben and I wish you all good things and never let your skin stop you!

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