What “Working Out” Means To Me….

What “Working Out” Means To Me….

I choose to stay active and eat healthy because that is what makes me feel good. It is NOT easy. It is very hard to get into this lifestyle, but trust me….once you are in it, you won’t look back.

Now, I haven’t ALWAYS been active and a healthy eater. I have 3 kids, so you can imagine how many times I had to restart my “Healthy Lifestyle”.

Everyone is different, so what works for my body, may not work for yours. But, for my body, jogging helps me A LOT!! Like I said, I have 3 kids. If I don’t jog in the morning (and it HAS to be in the morning – it helps me start my day off right), then I am not normal. haha… Weird, I know. Just missing a day of jogging turns me into another person. I put on my choice of music, which is dance, techno, hip hop — yea, I am one of those people you see jogging, with the music blasting in their earbuds. Hey! It works for ME. :) I have to feel energized and that type of music just gets me going!

Working out, gives me energy to chase around my 10 month old and wrestle with my 3 year old and run my 9 year old to swim practice and girl scouts. Now, I am not one of those marathon joggers. I jog slow and stop a lot. I also belong to the UFC Gym and do kickboxing and strength training. I think I like that a lot because it makes me feel like I belong to a team. Everyone encourages you and makes you feel good. They don’t try and be perfect or sugar coat crap. They are all there for one reason…to work out! You just go in, get your shit done, chit chat for a bit, and leave. Boom. Done.

If I feel like people watching, I will go to the gym and do some cardio while watching other people that are supposed to be working out, chatting, or flirting with people. It is actually quite entertaining! You should try it some time!

So, I work out for me! I don’t do it to impress anyone (other than my hubby) but ME!! It makes ME feel good, gives ME energy, and keeps ME in a good mood — and a little wine keeps me in an even better mood!   :)


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    I loved how you said you’re a “different person” if you don’t work out. My husband is the SAME way! Sometimes I just want to send him to the gym when he’s grumpy because I know it will help! Great WIRL @jcrewmommy!

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